i103 lg - Fiber Laser

Integrated - Laser

Fiber Laser Performance:                                                           

Fiber laser marking is the most technology.  The laser signal is generated by the laser source and amplified in the optical fiber cable. Then, the signal goes through the collimator which aligns the beam and reduces its diameter to 7mm before entering the galvanometric head.  

The Galvo head is equipped with two mirrors which direct the laser beam for fast and precise marking. Finally, a lens concentrates the signal power into a 30 ฅ์m beam. We have chosen the Ytterbium-doped fiber laser for its reliability, power and low operation cost.


Powerful fiber laser for high speed and high contrast marking 

The i103L-G laser marker is designed for integration into industrial production lines enhancing traceability and identification processes. This device is capable of producing superior quality marking at high work pace level with very low operating and maintenance costs. This fiber laser can mark on various types of material including hardened steel, titanium alloys. It is also suitable for marking most part of plastics.  The i103L-G is able to create alpha-numeric characters, 1D bar codes, and 2D Data Matrix codes, graphics and logos all with a high level of precision and contrast.  The compact dimensions of the marking head make integration easier. Control of the laser marker can be achieved through the Fiber Unit Controller or easily with a PLC interface.




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