Type holder

The text to be marked is created in the type holder by inserting the appropriate steel types. These can be changed as required.

  • Standard-type holder: Lettering sizes from 1 to 5 mm;
  • one or several lines
  • Round type holder THR for marking in an arch on a
  • flat surface
  • Circular segment type holder THR-S for marking in a certain
  • radius on flat surfaces
  • Special type holders on request

  • steel type.png
    Steel types can be combined in the type holder as well as in special numbering heads. Engraving similar to DIN 1451 (medium-spaced lettering) Nickel-plated finish Available indivi...

  • Engraved stamp.png
    Engraved stamps are available as individual stamps, stamps for several characters at once, stamps with special characters, logos, etc. Medium-spaced, semi-close or close-space let...

  • Stamping inserts.png
    The dimensions, shape and type of the stamping inserts are realized in the design for the mortise stamp to meet individual customer requirements.

  • Numbering heads.png
    Borries numbering heads are used for marking by sequential numbering, for serial-number numbering and designating different models. ANPW – Automatic numbering head The number is a...

  • Hand-held punch.png
    Used preferentially in center-punching, control stamping, marking and numbering. Punching impact infinitely adjustable Absolutely recoil-free Engraving possible: Control charact...

  • Hand stamping tools.png
    Hand stamping tools are preferentially used for center-punching, control stamping and for general markingjobs. These are in service as either hand-operated or as inbuilt devices. T...

  • Stamping units.png
    Stamping units are suitable for amongst others, use on transfer lines, rotary indexing tables and test equipment. The large useful travel makes it possible to mark workpieces that ...

  • Stamping machine.png
    Stamping machines are used in the workshop as well as in low and medium-volume series production. The straightforward method of operation, the maturity of the design and the extens...

  • Pneu-hydraulic stamping machine.png
    Pneumo-hydraulic stamping machines are suitable where high forces are needed to realize the marking. Such machines are available as amongst others, complete systems in column or C-...

  • Roll marking machine.png
    Roll marking machines are used for marking solid or hollow round parts. Marking flat workpieces is also possible by using suitable fixtures and tools. · Continuous high marking per...
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