e10-c153 & c303 Dot Peen Machine

     C-153 Marking Area : 160x100 mm.
     C-303 Marking Area : 300x150 mm.
High speed table-top marking machine

In the range of standalone marking stations, this column mounted unit is perfect for any type of material, from plastic to hardened steel up to 62 Hrc. With its extreme accuracy, speed and robustness, the C153 is the perfect machine for all types of dot peen marking. Its integrated counter, the 160x100 mm marking window and the LED lighting make it a reliable, accurate and adaptable product. Electromagnetic  marking technology works with parts of various shapes and surface conditions (flat surfaces, concave, convex, circular, raw material ...) and only requires one source of energy.



   Model: c153 z-a


    Model: c303 Marking Area 300x150mm. -

    Versatile dot peen marking machine with large marking window. 


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