Dot Peen Technology - high speed and cost effective.

This type of marking (text, digits, logo,data matrix code) is made of a succession of dots.  Each dot is created by the impact of the stylus on the surface. The force is given by a controlled current pulse  through  the solenoid , in order to punch the magnet toward the surface. An efficient spring returns the stylus assembly to the start  position, waiting for the next pulse.  Frequency can vary depending on the force selected and the speed of  X and Y movements. SIC Marking dot peen technology is unique by the fact that the electrical current is measured between each pulse in order to control the impact consistency.

  • e10 Controller.png
    e10-Integrateddot peen marking head Three Model & Differance Marking Area i53 Marking Area : 50x20 mm i83Marking Area : 80x70 mm i141 Marking Area : 150x100 mm Easy-to-integ...

  • c153_dot_peen_machine.jpg
    e10-c153 & c303 Dot Peen Machine C-153Marking Area : 160x100 mm. C-303Marking Area : 300x150 mm. High speed table-top marking machine In the range of standalone marking sta...
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